The Benefits

to Truck Drivers

The Eisbart relieves drivers of a great burden of responsibility – one that is often difficult to manage in life on the road. Hardly any service stations, filling stations, freight yards exist today that are equipped with lifting platforms that would make it possible to remove ice from the roofs of trucks using conventional methods. It is virtually impossible to install lifting platforms at all those locations where they’re needed. So there always remains a high residual risk.

But – with the Eisbart – drivers no longer need to worry about ice on their truck roofs (in addition to arriving on time). They don’t have to worry about police road checks or accidents resulting from falling ice. The Eisbart means that drivers no longer need to deal with what’s on the roofs of their trucks before commencing their journeys. They don’t have to be afraid of police road checks or accidents caused by falling ice.

Legal Information:

By law, the driver is always responsible for the operational safety of his vehicle!

The benefits of the Eisbart
Very economic solution with great benefit to customers
Simple and maintenance-free solution that is not technically complicated
Ice on roofs no longer dangerous
Considerable reduction in off-road times
In accordance with the law and recommended by automobile associations