The killer on

truck roofs

Slabs of ice falling from the roofs of trucks can kill. Rainwater can collect on truck tarpaulins. Often more than 100 litres on a single roof! This water quickly freezes into ice during the winter. And if the truck moves off without this ice first being removed, it can turn into a rolling time bomb. Because the ice may slip off in bends or when the truck brakes suddenly or – even worse – when it is travelling through comparatively warm tunnels – and fall at speed to the ground and so become a deadly missile. The slabs of ice, which may in some cases weigh up to 100 kilograms, then fly off with a deadly momentum at the same speed the truck is travelling at and crash into the vehicles behind or into the oncoming traffic.

The Eisbart recom-
mended by the ÖAMTC

At the end of the practical tests, the specialists at the ÖAMTC were delighted with how simple, effective and cheap it could be to stop ice from slipping off the top of truck tarpaulins and thus to prevent injuries and damage.


How does the
Eisbart work?

The Eisbart possesses a spongy structure that holds ice securely in place on the roofs of trucks.


The benefits
for haulage contractors

The Eisbart convinces with its low initial cost and with the fact that no maintenance is required.