Ice and snow –

the killer on vehicle roofs

There are many publications and descriptions in literature, in the daily news, in the trade press and on the Internet that focus on the problems caused by ice falling from truck roofs. Innocent road users are exposed to the serious danger that is caused by ice falling from truck roofs. It is often the cause of accidents resulting in severe injuries to people and serious damage to property. Such accidents are often not even noticed by the drivers of the trucks that caused them. And it is frequently impossible to call these people to account for the damage they have caused.
The law currently demands that drivers and operators make sure that their vehicles do not pose any risk to other road users. Drivers may face serious punishment and – if injuries are caused – even prison if they are found to have taken a dangerous vehicle out on to the road.

Although there is already a broad range of different systems and solutions on the market, the majority of trucks driving around today do not possess any kind of “ice safety feature”. But responsible drivers and operators can now rest at ease. Because the most uncomplicated, practical, effective and low-cost solution has just been launched with the EISBART!
The other road users will thank you.

The Eisbart recom-
mended by the ÖAMTC

At the end of the practical tests, the specialists at the ÖAMTC were delighted with how simple, effective and cheap it could be to stop ice from slipping off the top of truck tarpaulins and thus to prevent injuries and damage.


How does the
Eisbart work?

The Eisbart possesses a spongy structure that holds ice securely in place on the roofs of trucks.


The benefits
for haulage contractors

The Eisbart convinces with its low initial cost and with the fact that no maintenance is required.